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Foodie Friday ~ Creamy Cashew Noodles

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Zucchini, Sweet Potato & Beet Noodles in a Creamy Cashew Sauce


  1. 1 1/2 cup cashews

  2. ¾ cup water (more for soaking)

  3.  ½ teaspoon salt

  4. 2 clove garlic

  5. 1 tablespoon fresh ginger root, minced

  6. 1 tablespoon fresh herbs (basil, chives or parsley)

  7. 1 tablespoon coconut oil

  8. 1 large sweet potatoes, spiralized

  9. 1 small beets, spiralized

  10. 2 zucchini, spiralized

  11. 2 cups baby spinach

  12. 1/2 cup grape tomatoes, sliced lengthwise


  1. In a bowl, soak cashews in water for 2 hours or more.

  2. Drain and rinse thoroughly. Place them in a food processor or blender and add the ¾ cup water, a pinch of salt, the ginger and the garlic. Blend until very smooth.

  3. Heat the coconut oil in a large saute pan over medium-high heat. Add the spiralized vegetables and toss in the pan for 6-7 minutes with tongs until tender. Remove from heat and toss in the spinach and tomatoes.

  4. Add half of the sauce to the pan and toss to combine adding water if the mixture is too thick. If you need more add more sauce. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste and finish with freshly chopped herbs. 

  5. Serve immediately

Health & Happiness

Kacie & GFFI

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