Green Goodness

Our Signature 6-week 

Mind Body Transformation Challenge

What you receive:



Pre & Post:


Body composition analysis

Performance metrics


Community & Inspiration:


Closed virtual community

Daily communication

Weekly check-ins

Guided meditations

Gratitude journal

Closing Celebration 



Functional Nutrition Education

Recipes & Meal Plan

Food-Symptom Journal

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

We utilize the latest science & tools from

The Institute for Functional Medicine & American Dietetics.


Workout schedule

Workout templates 

Team workouts


We create integrated functional workouts, combining the best from

ACE, NASM, GMB, Original Strength & Yoga. 

We provide fun tools & abundant inspiration:)


What you do NOT get

Quick fixes


We don't believe in gimmicks or short-cuts.

We believe in slow, consistent changes that create long term results.

Shame & blame

We focus on positivity.  

We meet you where you are each day.

Hollow promises or guarantees

You get back what you put in. Period.

 What you give 

Care for the Caregivers program*

Your participation not only helps you grow, but enables us to continue our mission of giving back to those that care for others.  We are proud to offer our MBTC at a discounted rate for Firefighters, Nurses, Teachers & Military as part of our Care for the Caregivers program.

Next Program will begin in Fall 2021