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Classes will be held virtually Monday-Saturdays at various times through Google Meet. Classes are for all levels and modified versions of exercises will be provided.


The cost is $15-$25/class or $30/week unlimited and you can attend as many sessions as you like that week. 

Monthly Subscription 

$85 for unlimited access to all live classes and all recorded sessions.

$50 for live postnatal classes only and recordings. 

$14 for unlimited access to all recordings only.

Before your first classes be sure to fill out the Group Fitness Consent Form


Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing you!

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17














  • Weekly Group Fitness Membership

    Valid for one week
    • All Access Classes

      Every month
      • unlimited live and recorded group classes
    • All Access Video

      Every month
      • Postnatal Membership

        Every month

        Strength HIIT 

        Strength HIIT has a few variations but overall the goal of the class is to help build muscle and full-body strength. Using weights, each class is designed to target all muscle groups and move you through all three planes of motion helping you become stronger, more stable and provide functional movements to assist you in every day living. The 30 minute express class has no cardio and is fo those that don't have much time but still want a killer workout. The 45-minute classes are focused on lifting with a core or cardio interval between circuits. Lastly our 60-minute long sessions  include a solid cardio warm up with longer lifting sets. There are cardio and core exercises thrown in throughout class. In our strength sliders class, the class will mostly use bodyweight and sliders to work the lower body and core. it is a 30-min class that will focus on strengthening and stabilizing the legs and hips with some core work along with it. 


        This is a 30-minute class focusing on the lower body strength. It starts with 4 minutes of core work before diving into leg work. Most of the moves are done using sliders underneath your feet at a slow pace.  Light dumbbells and a mat are also recommended. It is a very efficient and effective workout that is great to squeeze in after the work day. 

        Postnatal Strength 

        This postnatal class is designed following the conditioning principles taught through the Girls Gone Strong Pre/Postnatal coaching certification. The class is a great way to help develop your deep core muscles, improve strength and overall functional fitness and movements. There are options depending on your level and you are more than welcome to bring your little one to join in with you. It is a great way to connect with other moms and find time to workout while caring for your child. 

        Tabata Cardio 

        The Tabata class is designed to get your heart rate up and build overall bodyweight strength and power. Each class is programmed with only bodyweight movements with half of the class focused on core and the other on cardio. All high-impact movements can me modified to a lower impact modification. This class get you sweating in no time and flies by. It is over before you even know it! 

        Mobility & Stretch 

        This is a 30-minute express class to help release tight muscles, create more mobility in the joints and help move the body. Each class will have a mix of static stretches as well as dynamic stretches that allows the body to become more flexible through movement. Areas such as the hips, shoulders and back will be targeted to help everyone sitting and working at a screen for most of the day.

        Cycle/Tread Cardio Intervals

        This class is designed for individuals with a stationary bike or treadmill looking to increase their speed, endurance and power. The class uses 4 levels of intensity from recovery to a full out sprint. Along with speed intervals, there are classes that include hill training as well. This incline work helps develop the individual's strength as well as their overall speed. It is 45 minutes of cardio with lots of intensity changes. There is no question you will be sweaty and feel accomplished afterwards. 

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