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"Kacie’s classes through Get Fit For It are superb! I’m always able to take my burn to the next level with Kacie’s encouragement, enthusiasm, and thoughtful design. Her lower body express format is my favorite!"


"Working out with Kacie during the pandemic has been nurturing to my mind and body.  The workouts are challenging, varied, and FUN and Kacie always provides adaptations to meet individual needs.  The virtual fitness class videos help me fit in workouts around my busy schedule. I highly recommend Get Fit for It for anyone looking for a program to meet your wellness goals."


"I've been working with Kacie for 4 years. We have worked out in person and virtually. I don't think she has ever repeated an exercise. I'm not sure how she does it. Actually, I do. She is a professional. She has client cards and obsessively plans. She is always learning. She attends conferences and health and fitness events to always stay fresh and on trend.  However, the basics are always there too making sure your form is correct." 



"I have been working out with Kacie at GetFitForIt for years and truly enjoy the variety of classes offered and Kacie’s teaching style. She is very encouraging while pushing you to always try a little harder and do just a little more than you think you can all while still making it fun!"


“I knew I made the right decision working with Kacie from day one. Both incorporated my goals and passions into every workout. As I prepare for my bikini competition I ask for workouts that keep me on my feet, challenge my physical capabilities and continually motivate me to meet my goals. The Get Fit For It duo has surpassed my expectations in all these aspects. They rose to the occasion to further my athletic ability and, more importantly, my mental strength. I know I will be prepared for this competition come November because the Get Fit For It duo was in my corner. If your enter the “ring” with them on your side you will feel prepared and exhilarated, as I do! I have to say, my results speak for themselves!”


"I have been working out with Kacie for a few years now and have done everything from virtual and in-person boot camps, Mind Body Transformation Challenge and private sessions. She is so supportive and keeps the workouts fun, changing it up every time. The only thing you know for sure to expect is a great workout and a good time. I have recommended her to lots of friends who love working out with her too! Thanks Kacie for all your support!"


“Your classes are SO SO SO SO awesome. Really. They are BY FAR the best workout classes I have ever taken.”

“Get Fit For It” is a phenomenal program for everyone. They scale all of the movements to a person’s ability. In addition the blog compliments all areas of fitness beyond physical activity including nutrition, mental stimulation, and stress relief. I have attended many of the “boot camps” and Kacie’s upbeat and motivational commenting makes the experience so much more enjoyable than any other workout I could do. There is a strong sense of community and a new client will feel totally welcome!
-Mark Thompson

“Working with GFFI has been a really awesome experience, and has helped me to obtain optimal health. The best part about the classes is that Kacie isn’t afraid to motivate you. It’s immediately apparent that she genuinely cares about each and every client she is training. Kacie is easily one of the best personal trainers I have ever come across!”


“It’s really been a pleasure working with Kacie. Even though it’s only been remote, via the web, she is very good at keeping you motivated and on track. And if you’re local and can work with her in person I’m sure it will be even more beneficial.”
-Reid Bailey

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