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Seeing your best self takes vision. Becoming your best self takes action.



Mind Body Transformation Challenge

A balanced mind in a balanced body.

There is so much more to balanced living than just food & fitness.  

The MBTC is a holistic journey that supports you in tying it all together.  

The MBTC is designed to help you better manage your time, energy and choices so you can make steady progress toward YOUR personal goals.  You cultivate a set of valuable life skills that you can apply to all areas of your life: health, fitness, career, finance, relationships and so much more.  The ripples of positivity are endless.


We supply you with the tools, framework, coaching & accountability you need in order to achieve greater life balance, satisfaction and personal success!  

Community is the ultimate accelerator.


 An intentional and supportive community brings about results you can not achieve on your own.

The greatest power of the MBTC is being connected to like-minded individuals, sharing synergy, accountability, friendship & inspiration.



We reconnect you with the spirit of PLAY through fun challenges & living experiments.  Encouraging you to explore your potential & to have a good time on the journey to achieving your health goals!

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6-Week MBTC 


Next Program begins January 2021

Green Goodness
Blue Washed Wall

What you receive:


Pre & Post:


Body composition analysis

Performance metrics


Functional Nutrition Education

Recipes & Meal Plan

Food-Symptom Journal

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

We utilize the latest science & tools from

The Institute for Functional Medicine & Precision Nutrition.


Workout schedule

Workout templates 

Team workouts

Yoga class

We create integrated functional workouts, combining the best from

ACE, NASM, GMB, Original Strength & Yoga. 


Community & Inspiration:


Closed virtual community

Daily communication

Weekly check-ins

Guided meditations

Gratitude journal

Closing Celebration 

We provide fun tools & abundant inspiration:)


What you do NOT get

Quick fixes


We don't believe in gimmicks or short-cuts.

We believe in slow, consistent changes that create long term results.

Shame & blame

We focus on positivity.  

We meet you where you are each day.

Hollow promises or guarantees

You get back what you put in. Period.


 What you give 

Care for the Caregivers program*

Your participation not only helps you grow, but enables us to continue our mission of giving back to those that care for others.  We are proud to offer our MBTC at a discounted rate for Firefighters, Nurses, Teachers & Military as part of our Care for the Caregivers program.

Blackberry and Lemon Detox



Commit to 2 weeks to take care of you & celebrate the healthiest, happiest you!

Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Sleep Better. Smile More. 

This challenge is all virtual & the workouts can all be done from home!

What you get:

14 day precision workout schedule

14 day holistic detox nutrition plan

 Healthy recipes, meal prep guide & shopping list

 fitness & nutrition coach

Guided meditations

Holistic Medical Symptom Assessment 

Functional Nutrition Food Log

Daily coaching & support 

Join in the fun :)

MBTC's Signature 

14 day Food & Fitness Intensive

The MBTC Team

 Kacie Harrington, CPT- NASM

Coach Kacie is a Cornell educated Nutritionist, fitness coach & Iron-Woman. She integrates health promotion in all aspects of her life & brings her dynamic experience & education into all that she does. Growing up learning about meditation practice & natural medicine, Kacie has always followed a holistic paradigm of health & healing. Kacie started in the culinary world as a chef; worked in the Cornell dietetic food lab; teaching students to cook & perform laboratory food experiments. She then went on to make one of her deepest passions, her full-time work & started her own health & fitness company, Get Fit For IT. Her dream is to empower people to find & achieve their IT.  Kacie is a life-long athlete who has competed in numerous races, her latest being the Boston marathon & an Ironman. She knows firsthand & shares her experience on the powerful integration of food, mindfulness & movement.

Danielle Johnston, RN, HNB-BC

Coach Danielle is a Holistic RN, Health & Fitness Coach, Yogi & Herbalist.  She has dedicated her life’s work to empowering others to take charge of their life & find their own recipe for health & happiness.  Her spectrum of knowledge covers a variety of facets, with training in allopathic medicine, herbal medicine, holistic nursing, functional nutrition & fitness. Danielle worked as a firefighter in Brooklyn for 12 years. In addition to fighting fires, she also worked with the elite Health & Fitness Unit training recruits at the Fire Academy. After retiring from the F.D.N.Y. in 2015, Danielle & her husband co-founded Thrive Tribe Wellness, as a grassroots movement to health & fitness. As an occupational & lifelong athlete, she exemplifies and truly believes anything is possible with the right balance of knowledge, motivation & commitment. She integrates a scientific framework & perspective of interconnectedness to dynamically train your mind, body & spirit.

Our Signature 10-Day Detox


​Commit to 10 days of healthy eating with the assist from incredible supplements to reset your metabolism, GI system, energy & celebrate the healthiest, happiest you!

Slim Down. De-Bloat. Sleep Better. Glow from head to toe. 

This cleanse is 100% virtual so you can participate from anywhere!

What you get:

10-day Holistic Detox Nutrition Plan

 Healthy Recipes, Meal Prep Guide & Shopping List

 Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Holistic Medical Symptom Assessment 

Daily Coaching, Support & Accountability

Essential Oils Education & More 


Join in the fun :) 

Next one starts

March 4th, 2021

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