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Workout Wednesday ~ Stations, 3-2-1 Switch!

It’s Wednesday!!!!!

That means it is time for another amazing workout for your favorite fitness team!!! This week we have a station workout for you so grab some friends and having them join in the fun! Stagger yourselves so you are at least every other station. Have fun with it and write out cards for each one or if you want to add in some mystery, put them in a hat and pull one out at a time and everyone complete the same exercise at once. This will definitely get you out of any mid-week funk you might be in!

The Workout

Warm up for 5 minutes whether it is stationary cardio moves or a cardio machine or jogging around the block.

The Stations: Complete 60 second intervals with 10 seconds of rest in-between

  1. Weighted row windmill

  2. Wood chops

  3. Squats (weighted)

  4. Bent over rows

  5. Side lunge with lateral raise

  6. Rotational Push ups

  7. Lunge twist

  8. Squat Press

  9. Push up jacks 

  10. Mountain climber hops

  11. Dips

  12. Lunge jumps

  13. Shoulder Push ups

  14. Squat jumps

  15. Cardio sprint (run or do any machine as hard as you can)

Repeat as many times as you wish. I recommend 2 times through 🙂

Health & Happiness,

Kacie & the GFFI team

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