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Workout Wednesday ~ Progression Sets

A great workout that progresses in intensity and difficulty throughout the workout. We promise that by the end you will be left with nothing other than the satisfaction of knowing you completed a killer workout!

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Round 1: 1 minute per exercise; perform once as a warm up

Squats Push – Ups Alternating font lunges Plank hold Dips – knees bent Mountain Climbers Glute Bridges

Round 2: 45s per exercise; perform twice

Barbell Weighted Squat Decline Push-Up Weighted lunges Plank w/shoulder taps Dips – Legs straight Spiderman Mountain Climbers Glute bridge w/feet on stability ball

Round 3: 30s per exercise; perform twice

Jump Squats Single Leg Push-Up Weighted lunge w/foot on stability ball (switch legs half way through) Plank Jacks Dips – legs straight w/ feet elevated on bench Grasshopper mountain climber Glute bridge to hamstring curl w/feet on stability ball


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