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Workout Wednesday ~ 20-20

No I’m not talking about eyesight. Although, after this workout you may not be able to see straight. Kidding. Ish. This is a fun little workout that will combine your strength and cardio sessions into a neat little compact workout that is under an hour. Here’s the real kicker, you will still get cardio as you do your strengthening circuits so you win! Now, you may not feel like it’s winning, but trust me, you are!

Keep this workout in your back pocket for when you are little crunched for time or you just want to mix things up a little. Enjoy!

*NOTE: you can do a separate 5-10 minute warm up if you have the time consisting of dynamic stretches and some light cardio moves. In a time crunch, take the first two exercises of circuit at an easy to moderate pace before jumping in full steam*

20 Minute Bodyweight Circuit (Repeat 2x)

2 min. jump rope 1 min mountain climbers 30s burpees w/push-up 30s frog sit ups 1 min. plank hold 1 min. skaters 30s squat jumps 30s dolphin press 1 min. side lunges 2 min. reverse lunge to front kick (switch sides after 1 minute)

20 Minute Cardio Options: On a cardio machine/modality of your choice (either indoors or outdoors)…

Option 1:Go at a moderate pace for the first 15 minutes then up the intensity for the last 5.

Option 2: Do intervals of 2 minutes easy pace, 2 minutes moderate pace, 1 minute hard pace and repeat.

Option 3: Go at a moderate pace sprinkling in 30s intervals of all out efforts throughout the 20 minutes.

Get Fit For It,


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