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Workout Wednesday ~ Kill It Today, Relax Tomorrow

This week we want you to do this tough workout to bump up your workout intensity and crush it! Like with any other hard workout, take it easy the next day so your body can recover and benefit from the hard work you put into it!


  5 minutes of easy cardio


Set #1:  AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) 6 minutes 

  1. Sprint

  2. 20 knee-elbow twists (10 each leg)

  3. 10 squats

  4. 10 push presses (shoulders)

Stations: 50 seconds intervals with 10s to switch 

  1. Walking Lunges w/ twist

  2. Skate jumps

  3. Boat Pose Torso Twists

  4. Toe balance plie squat pulse

  5. Bicep curls

  6. Burpees

  7. Dips 

  8. Side to Side Lunge

  9. Back Rows

  10. Jumping jacks

Repeat 2-3 rounds depending on your level and how you are feeling after the 2nd round.

Stretch for 10 minutes

Health & Happiness

Kacie & GFFI

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