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Workout Wednesday ~ Core, Cardio & More

Here is this week’s workout. We hope you enjoy the intervals and all the core love we have put into it!!!!

Warm up: Repeat 2 to 3 times

3 minutes of stair climb (up and down a set of stairs)

10 jumping jacks

Set # 1: 3 Rounds x 30s (Burpee breakdown)



push ups

squat jump

Set # 2: 45s Holds – on the mat Boat Pose Superman Plank with alt knee to outside of elbow BridgeSet #3: 2 rounds of 45 seconds

Left leg squat (hops)

Mountain climbers

**Burpees -30s

Right leg squat (hops)

Mt Climbers (foot to outside of elbow)

**Burpees  for 30s

Set # 4: 3 x 30s


Leg lifts


Reverse crunch (knee out, in, up, down)

Heel Taps Bicycle Shins Parallel crunchRemember to take each workout at your own level and modify as needed. If you are looking for an easy way to keep to your intervals, we reccomend Gym Boss Interval Timers. If you need more inspiration to get going and hit the stairs, watch our Hall Of Fame Video

Get Fit Today,

Kacie & GFFI

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