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Workout Wednesdsay ~ Super Circuit

Guys, I’ve got GREAT news. Today’s circuit workout only has ONE round. Yep, you heard me right, just one. One itty bitty round of a super intense circuit.

See how I snuck in that super intense part? I was hoping you’d miss that. Just remember, you only have to do it once! Yeah, focus on that part ok and not cursing our names as your busting out your burpees, mkay?

In all seriousness, this kick ass workout is time efficient and will work every inch of you. While there is only one round of the exercises, you can break down the number of reps for each exercise into as many sets as you need in order to get through it.

Enjoy fitness beasts!

Warm-Up: 2x 30s rounds of the following

  1. Jumping jacks

  2. Inchworms

  3. Butt kicks

  4. Alternating wood chop lunges

Super circuit: Complete one round of the following exercises. Complete all reps of the exercise before moving onto the next. You can break down the reps into as many sets as needed, but try to minimize your rest time.

  1. Burpees – x45

  2. Chin up (assisted if needed) – x30

  3. Dips – x50

  4. Goblet Squat – x70

  5. Battle Rope (double arm slams)- x100

  6. Weighted sit-up – x60

  7. Sumo squat jumping jacks – x85

Cool down and stretch!

Get Fit For It,


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