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Workout Wednesday ~ The Everything Workout

This past week as I was preparing to teach virtual bootcamp, I kept thinking of different exercises and styles that I wanted to include. Before long, I ended up with a workout that looks a mile long. Admittedly, I was a little overly ambitious, but I simply could not contain myself.





I wanted it all! And all you shall have. Behold, I give you the everything workout. A workout which will incorporate leg day, high intensity intervals, core, mobility, and agility all in one!

While this workout may look lengthy, in reality it will take well under an hour to complete. And you’ve just done your cardio, full body strength, and core all in one power packed workout!

Give this workout a try and let us know what you think!

Warm-Up: 2x 30s/exercise

Jump Rope Butt Kicks Inch Worms Side to Sides

Tabata 1: 4 Rounds 20s on/10s recovery Burpees Plank twists

Core Circuit: 3x 30s/exercise

V-Ups Side crunch/pulse combo R/L Around the world planks* Double Crunch

Tabata 2: 4 Rounds 20s on/10s recovery Rainbow jumps Dolphin press

Leg Circuit: 2x 30s/exercise

Single leg Z-hops – R/L** Single leg bridge circles – R/L Reverse lunge to front kick – R/L Squat jumps

Tabata 3: 4 Rounds 20s on/10s recovery Walking push-ups Skaters Table Top Circuit – Repeat all exercises on the left side for 30s/exercise, then complete for the right side. Complete both sides a second time.

Donkey kicks Fire hydrant kicks*** Rainbows**** Opposite arm and leg reach and tuck

Cool down and stretch!

Get Fit For It, Beth

*From plank position, tap left hand out to the side and return, tap left leg out to the side and return, tap right leg to the side and return, tap right hand to side and return, Repeat sequence for the prescribed length of time.

**Standing on one foot, hop to the right, then diagonally and back to the left, then to the right again in the shape of a z. Reverse the z and continue hopping forward and back. Start with small hops until you get comfortable with this exercise to maintain your balance.

***From table top position raise your leg into a fire hydrant. Keeping the leg in this position with hip, knee, leg, and foot parallel to the ground, extend the knee to kick. Return to starting and keep kicking for the prescribed period of time.

****From table top position, extend one leg straight with foot flexed. Using the strength of the glutes and hamstring, raise the foot up and over, in the shape of a rainbow and repeat moving the foot back to the center. Continue for the prescribed length of time.

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