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Workout Wednesday ~ Double Trouble

This week we are bringing you double the fun(or torture…depending on your mindset today!) by pairing up exercises that work the same muscle groups back to back. This superset circuit workout will take your strength training to the next level and keep you on track to meet your New Year’s goals.

Just be careful not to be too ambitious with weight selections on your first time through the circuit or you’ll find that the next two rounds will next to impossible.

Warm Up: 2x through of the following dynamic exercises.

  1. Reverse alternating lunges – x10 R/L

  2. Body weight squats – x15

  3. Arm circles – x10 in both directions

  4. Side to sides – x10 R/L

Workout: Perform both exercises paired together back to back before moving on to the next pair of exercises. Once you have completed the entire circuit of paired exercises, repeat from the top 1 to 2 more times. Be sure to choose your weights carefully!

  1. 15 Push-ups/45s Plank hold

  2. 15 Single leg squats R/L /15 Jump Squats

  3. 15 Shoulder Push-ups/30s DB side raise hold

  4. 10 DB overhead triceps press/15 triceps dips

  5. 15 Kettlebell swings/15 straight leg deadlifts

  6. 15 barbell bent over rows/15 Biceps curls

Round out your workout with 20-30 minutes of moderate cardio.

Cool down and stretch!

Get fit for it,


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