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Motivation Monday ~ Thriving Or Surviving

Happy Monday!

This week I ask you all to take some time and reflect on your life, your actions, your thoughts and whether you feel like you are thriving or barely surviving. Do you feel overwhelmed with life or do you feel like it is smooth sailing?

I have come across a lot of chaos in my own life in the past couple of weeks/months. At first, I didn’t even realize I was in an ocean of chaos. One day at a time it creeps into your life getting more and more intense until one day, you are in too deep and you don’t know how to get out. This is exactly how I was feeling.  Drowning in a sea of to-do lists, ideas, tedious tasks, social engagements, health & fitness needs, work demands, unexpected problems needing my full attention and the struggle of being present when I want so much more in the future.

How do you get out? Can you get out? Will something be sacrificed in order to get out? This is what I sat with one night. I had had enough of it! Life shouldn’t be this hard. If I am this crazy, is what I am doing worth it? I believe that there is a way to bake the cake and have it too. But where do I start. First I made a list of all the things going on, things I wanted to do and what others needed from me. I mapped out my week of the actual hours I am at work and busy as well as other appointments. From there I added in my workout times planning out what workout, what day and what time. After that I looked at the calendar and picked 2 social events to do each week trying to see different groups if possible. The rest of the calendar was to work on all the ideas and to dos. I had to make two lists and prioritize each one from the most important thing to complete first and so forth. I had a business list and a personal list. Then from there I picked realistice due dates for the first item on each list. If I had more time, I would begin on the second project on the list. This takes at least an hour to do, but it saves you hours of stress and confusion throughout the week. Then next week you only have to update the template with that week’s specific needs.

When everything seems to be a chore, you need to take some time off and relax. To be your most productive self, sometimes you need to stop working and just play! In those moments of play and relaxation, we give our mind the space to figure things out and come up with more success in life.

I owe my clarity to a great friend who helped realize I don’t need to be so stressed no matter what life brings. All I can do is take care of one thing at a time and deal with the present moment. Stop worrying about all the what if’s and work on a solution to the problem and keep working down the list. Often you need to do one thing before you can actually do the next thing. Breathe and know if you wake up everyday energized, you will get it all done and actually enjoy doing it all.

Get out of the chaos! Stop drowning yourself and take the time to learn to swim. Do this organization exercise this week and see what you learn from it. Taking the time now, will save you time later. If you need some external motivation, plan a phone call or hang time with someone that motivates you no matter what. Who energizes you and makes you want to be a better version of you? This is the person you need to talk to before you do this exercise.

Health & Happiness,

Kacie & GFFI Team

Remember to THRIVE in life, you need to be the healthiest you can be! If we can help you achieve your health & fitness goals, contact us and change your life from surviving to thriving!

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