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Motivation Monday ~ Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Surround Yourself With Inspiration

This  Saturday is the Rock N Rock DC Half and Full Marathon. There were over 23,000 participants who are gearing up for it. After months of training through the snowy winter, they are ready to bring their A game and that is exactly what I look forward to watching each year! After watching so many people push themselves to accomplish a goal they set their minds to last year in the freezing cold, I couldn’t resist writing about it. Often we are so hung up about our own lives that we miss the most important moments of those around us. Remember we all look to one another for assurance, comfort and support. Be there for those you love and those who call you a friend.

Saturday I am lucky to be able to witness these moments firsthand! So many of my friends run the race and thankfully I be watching them on the course and be there to see them cross the finish line! The facial expressions and excitement in everyone’s voices as they talk about their race experience is the most rewarding part of the day. Their individual dedication, determination and success inspire me to see more, do more, and be more. Nothing is more touching than watching someone realize they just achieved what they once feared or believed was impossible.

This week I ask you to think about the people close to you and what they are working towards. Is it a healthier diet, something fitness related, a promotion at work, writing a book, etc., and be the supporting friend who acknowledges their hard work and cheers them on. Not only will you make them happy, you will be inspired to work towards your own goals. We fuel each other’s fires to keep them burning. Don’t let yourself become so self-involved you aren’t looking at the wonders around you. Build each other up, discover the amazing things that happen to one another everyday and celebrate together.

Good luck to all the athletes racing this weekend! I can’t wait to see you succeed 🙂  You inspire me so much!! #KeepAfterIt

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