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Motivation Monday ~ Spring Cleaning, Spring Cleansing

Spring is the time of birth and renewal. This is the time of year we go through the house for a thorough cleaning and throw out everything we don’t want anymore. Let’s do the same thing for our minds and body. Stop the winter hibernation and heavy eating and start preparing yourself for summer. Start in the kitchen – throw out all the processed junk food and restock with healthy essentials. Think about your own eating habits, do you need dessert each night or that second helping? Use this time to look within and notice the small changes you can clean up in your own daily life. Get rid of the bad habits you have fallen into and start new as we experience spring around us!

This week we challenge you to focus on water, fruits and veggies. If you are struggling to control your portions take one item you are working on and cut it out completely this week. It will be tough but think of it as a part of your spring cleaning.  Coffee is a great example. If you drink more than 1-2 small cups a day, try to switch to green tea and water for the week. Taking care of one item at a time will allow you to manage it without becoming overwhelmed and give up. Any time you become frustrated, take a deep breath and think of your overall goal. Stay focused on the big picture and continue on.

Each week continue to remove something unhealthy or unneeded from your diet. By mid May you will be ready to take on our 6-week mind-body challenge and reach your goals before the summer fun begins!

Health & Happiness,

Kacie & the GFFI Team

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