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Monday Motivation ~ Persistence

Motivation Monday ~ Persistence

Remember how when you were younger, your parents or older siblings always told you to “stop pestering” or “leave me alone before I hurt you”? Okay, maybe the latter just applies to my older brother… Nonetheless, forget everything about those situations because, today, you are going to be the biggest persistent pest the world has ever seen.

But sorry, this doesn’t involve you getting back at an older brother or sister and getting the ‘oh so sweet’ revenge you may have been planning since you were ten years old. This involves your goals and how you are going to pester them constantly and consistently, which will ultimately result in your achievement of those goals.

Many times when you have a goal it is just an idea really—it’s a figment of your imagination—namely, because you haven’t achieved yet. And unfortunately this imaginative aspect of goals allows individuals to put it on the back burner, forget about it… and eventually, leave it unachieved. This is why you need to pester your goals.  You need your wanted achievement to be prominent in your life each and every day. You want to speak to your goal and say, “Hey, I’m here. And I’m still coming for you.” You want to be that pesky little brother or sister poking their older sibling over and over again. You want to be the child that asks the same question over and over and over again until it gets answered. Pester your goal…remind yourself of that goal… achieve that goal.

The best way to achieve a goal is to keep it at the forefront of your life. You can’t think of it, imagine how great it would be to achieve, and then simply forget. No, you need consistent daily reminders of what you want to achieve. Set reminders on your phone, make posters to put in your bedroom, create sticky notes and place them all around at work or home—all with indicators and reminders about your goal. Tell others about your plans, too. Friends and family are the best pest of all as we know. They will pester you and then that will remind you to pester your goal.

Now, yes, this may seem as an abstract concept to pester something that doesn’t physically exist. However, it is effective. Stay consistent, stay eager, and never stop pestering that goal. Persistence is key and will unlock great achievements. Health & Happiness, GFFI

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