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Challenge Accepted.

Made simple. Made tough. Made for you.520160_orig

“In this endless search for a diet and exercise program that works for you, I am extending to you a challenge that will test your mental and physical limits. There’s only one question: Are you fit for it?”

Get Fit For It is a training philosophy designed by Spinning Instructors and NASM Certified Personal Trainers Drew and Kacie to prepare any person for any challenge.

Drawing upon elements of currently successful fitness programs, cutting-edge nutrition information, and personal experience as competitive athletes, Get Fit For It has been developed to ensure maximum fitness gains in preparation for a variety of races and challenges, including GoRuck, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, endurance running, and triathlons. Using safe and effective exercises and methods focusing on form, any person can work out with success. Let Get Fit For It expand your vision and guide you to a new level of fitness.

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Get Fit For It is based out of Tysons Corner VA Area & Bethesda MD Area
For more information, call us at 607-378-3FIT or email us at info@getfitforittraining.com